Tuesday, July 05, 2005

We are off!!!

We are off!!!
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Bright or not so bright and early around 5 am we left for the airport to begin our journey. Sharvari complaints had already begun..."Tarak this bag is too heavy"....as for many of you already know, i kept telling her to keep to the five shirt and five underwear limit...


David Vaughan said...

Tarak,you look like you had a tough night last night. Hope you two enjoy your trip.Will be following your progress. Will promise to bail you out of Turkish Jail if you get incarcertaed. Oermann, if you are reading this, ???????????????
David V.

Wendy Nunes said...

Sharvari & Tarak, Hope you are having a wonderful time travelling around. Have fun and be careful. Sharv...how are you making it on only 5 things for clothes? I'm sure you will have to purchase a new bag to carry home all of your souvenirs (and new clothes). Take care. Where are you settling after your trip?

Shivani and Anjali said...

Hi Mama and Mami,

We miss you soooo much! We had fun in Cabo. We both know how to swim now with our floaties on. No one has to hold us or we do not need our pool noodle. We got our hair braided it looks pretty. Be careful and have fun.

Shivani and Anjali

Shivani and Anjali said...
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dhroovy & mk said...

we miss you already!! i waited for your daily morning phone call and actually forgot for a second that you left when the phone rang this morning. hope you guys are having fun. i love this blog thing. great idea. dhruvy wanted to talk to you when he saw your pic on blog-fun, huh?? take good care of one another. hugs and kisses,

Vin. said...

Sounds like you're having fun!

Let me just say that Pittsburgh is equally exciting in July. For instance, today I read Neuro MRI all day, then I went to the gym and now I'm going to study all weekend for my written boards in a few months.

See, we Pittsburgher's don't need no stinkin' Ecuador!

Seriously, good luck and be safe!


ps-- Everybody should check out my blog, too!!

Ruth McConnell said...

Tarak... it appears you have married the wrong girl... it is my dream to travel the world! Just kidding! I hope you and Sharvari have a wonderful adventure together. Thanks so much for sharing, love to hear about your travels and see all the wonderful pictures. You guys take care. Looking forward to the next update. Ruth :-)

Carolyn said...

Hey guys, LOVE the running travel journal. You know I'm living vicariously through you. Enjoy every second and travel safetly. Eat lots of GREAT FOOD!