Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Happy Birthday Tarak!!

This entry is a day late, but yesterday was Tarak's birthday (Aug. 22nd)...I'll leave the age out, as I can only imagine how depressing it must be to have those sort of numbers...j-k.
I thought I would actually finally put some of my photography handiwork (or lack there of) as I dedicate this entry to his birthday!! I thought I would put a few pictures of Tarak's favorite activities in Croatia...Number 1, by far, which should not come as any surprise, is taking pictures. That particular picture is in a fortress in the island city of Hvar, overlooking the sea. The other two are of course relaxing on the beach and enjoying some Gelato!! We spent his actual birthday, a great majority in transit (poor thing)..we took a bus (630am) to Hvar, then a ferry ride to Split and then a 5 hour bus ride...but we finally made it the most awaited and beautiful city of Croatia.....Dubrovnik!! We went for a stroll in the old town, and had dinner overlooking the sea.
Some facts about Hvar Island...apparently, it gets the most amount of sun of any island in Croatia (2724 hours each year!!)..it has become an international tourist hotspot...the town is surrounded by a castle with marble streets and beautiful beaches. The island is also amazingly green, with tons of lavender patches (they sell it EVERYWHERE on the streets), rosemary and everybody, of course, has their own wine. We tried this dessert wine called Prosecco..which was really sweet!
Well, we will write more from Dubrovnik as we will be settling in for a few days, we are considering for the last week to either travel more in Italy or check out Bosnia or Serbia...any thoughts??


Patrick said...

Happy Birthday Tarak!!! You all look like you're having the time of your lives. Sharvari, did you get ahold of Rebecca? Love the blog

abhijit said...

Happy Birthday Tarak
I just stumbled on your blog and am going through it. I love to travel, but all I have been doing is trekking.
:) Abhijit

Rakshit said...


These are good pictures. You are improving your picture taking art. It was nice talking to you both on phone. Be careful. Call us when you reach India.

Love you,


Chick Pea said...

happy birthday....

looks like you had a memorable bday... great pics!!

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Vin. said...


Happy Birthday, buddy!!

I'll cast my vote for staying in Italy... you could check out Modena or Maranella (the homes of Lamborghini and Ferrari, respectively.) Wherever you go, keep us updated!

Stay safe!


Vin. said...

Oops, that's "Maranello." Sorry.